mousey's category theory (


set up on the darcs hub:

  • generate a ssh keypair ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 -f ~/.ssh/darcs.rsa4096

  • authorise this key pair at by reading the public key (eg cat ~/.ssh/

  • edit ~/.ssh/config to include the following:

Host darcs
  Ciphers  aes256-cbc

  PubkeyAuthentication yes
  IdentityFile      ~/.ssh/darcs.rsa4096
  • test the connection with ssh -T <user>@darcs, which should return shell request failed on channel 0, and not <user> Permission denied (publickey).

  • at this point, using darcs with should work ok, test darcs push <user><repository>, for example: darcs push

  • get a copy of this repo: darcs clone


  • only supports the aes-cbc ciphersuites, and rsa keypairs -- ed25519 seems to be unsupported.