Simple lightweight raw-buffer-centric cross-platform window system API!



Simple and easy to use cross-platform window system API.

It aims to be similar to SDL, but more lightweight, and designed around giving you easy access to the window's buffer in software.


You will need meson in order to build the library.

First edit meson_options.txt and choose which backends you would like to compile support for. Set the ones you would like to enable to enabled and the rest of them to disabled. Note that if you are on Unix and would like to use the Windows backend you have to have Wine installed (see below).

Then build the library and the demos by running this in the root of the repository:

meson builddir --buildtype release
cd builddir
meson compile

(Optionally do --buildtype debug instead if you would like to keep debugging information and turn optimizations off, e.g., if you want to do development.)

Wine build

If you are on Unix and have Wine installed you can enable the Windows backend option in meson_options.txt.

Then do this back in the root of the repository if you would like to do a Wine build:

CC=winegcc meson buildwine --buildtype release
cd buildwine
meson compile

Again, you can change release to debug if you like!

Try the demos

Try the demos by running this in the build directory:

meson test


And when you are ready to install do this in the build directory:

meson install



  • Setup for multiple demos showcasing different features
  • Screenshot/gif
  • Proper error handling
  • Optimisations optimisations optimisanions !!!!!


  • Complete the keycode mappings
  • Proper generic color handling in X11
  • Proper vsync!
  • Filter out repeat resize events in event queue (to avoid resize drawing lag)
  • X11 MIT-SHM extension when available
  • Fix "BadDrawable" on attempt to draw while window is closing
  • Mechanism for detecting when last window is closed
  • Keeping proper track of closed windows


  • Auto detect backend (with environment variable override)
  • Wayland backend
  • MacOS backend