Algorithmic dictionnary of mathematical functions



This project is (initially) generated by eliom-destillery as the basic
project "codeformula".

Generally, you can compile it and run ocsigenserver on it by
  $ make test.byte (or test.opt)
See below for other useful targets for make.

Generated files

The following files in this directory have been generated by

 - codeformula.eliom
   This is your initial source file.
   To add more source files (.ml,.mli,.eliom,.eliomi) to your project,
   add it to the variables SERVER_FILES and/or CLIENT_FILES.

 - static/
   The content of this folder is statically served. Put your CSS or
   additional JavaScript files here!

 - Makefile.options
   Configure your project here!

   This file is a template for the configuration file for
   ocsigenserver. You will rarely have to edit itself - it takes its
   variables from the Makefile.options. This way, the installation
   rules and the configuration files are synchronized with respect to
   the different folders.

 - Makefile
   This contains all rules necessary to build, test, and run your
   Eliom application. You better don't touch it ;) See below for the
   relevant targets.

   Not completely describable here.

Makefile targets

Here's some help on how to work with this basic destillery project:

 - Test your application by compiling it and running ocsigenserver locally
     $ make test.byte (or test.opt)

 - Compile it only
     $ make all (or byte or opt)

 - Deploy your project on your system
     $ sudo make install (or install.byte or install.opt)

 - Run the server on the deployed project
     $ sudo make run.byte (or run.opt)

   If WWWUSER in the Makefile.options is you, you don't need the
   `sudo'. If Eliom isn't installed globally, however, you need to
   re-export some environment variables to make this work:

 - If you need a findlib package in your project, add it to the
   variables SERVER_PACKAGES and/or CLIENT_PACKAGES. The configuration
   file will be automatically updated.