Install games from .sh archives


gog-install - Install games from .sh archives


*gog-install* is a command line tool for installing your
GNU/Linux-compatible DRM-free games purchased on the ``_ online
store. It allows one to install the games without running the
self-extractable ``.sh`` archive and the graphical installer.

This tool was created for the following reasons:

- I dislike graphical interfaces;
- I use a game controller-only box without mouse and keyboard (so it
  would be boring to use a graphical installed, even with remote
- I avoid to run proprietary code on my computer (no choice for games,
  so I use `Firejail`_ but I prefer a cleaner solution if possible).

**This client is not supported in any way by !**

.. _Firejail:


You can always install the latest version from PyPi using:

.. code-block:: bash

   $ pip install gog-client

Using an archive, this software can be installed using

.. code-block:: bash

   $ python install


.. code-block:: bash

   $ gog-install /path/to/

The game will be extracted to ``/opt/GOG Games`` (use ``--install-dir``
to select the target directory).

The game can be launched with:

.. code-block:: bash

   $ /opt/GOG Games/Fancy Name of the Game/

There is nothing pointing to this directory (.desktop files, symbolic
links or scripts ``/usr/local/bin``, etc), so you can freely rename or
move the directory containing the game.


- Python3 (at least 3.4)


* Version 0.1.2:
* Darcs repository:

Bugs and comments

Please submit bug reports on the `issues tracker`_.

.. _issues tracker:


Humble is free software, released under the term of the GPLv3+.

Copyright 2016 Olivier Schwander <>