Humble Client - Non official client for Humble Bundle (


Humble Client - Non official client for Humble Bundle


Humble Client is a command line client for downloading your DRM-free games
purchased on the `Humble Bundle`_ online store. It allows listing your
orders (or bundles) and your games and downloading DRM-free ones.

It includes basic filtering capabilities to exclude platforms you do not
want or to download only a precise list of games.

**This client is not supported in any way by Humble Bundle !**

.. _Humble Bundle:


Simply put your login email into the configuration file (see
Configuration_), run ``humblec login`` and follow instructions. Then run
``humblec download`` to get all your DRM-free games.

You can also use ``humblec --key KEY download`` to get the games of a bundle
without using an account.

See Usage_ for more details.


Python modules:

* requests.

Command line tool:

* wget_ (which is used to effectively download files).

.. _wget:


You can always install the latest version from PyPi using:

.. code-block:: bash

   $ pip install humbleclient

Using an archive, this software can be installed using

.. code-block:: bash

   $ python install


Add ``--key KEY`` before a command to avoid the need for an account
(where ``KEY`` comes from the ``key=`` of a bundle URL

Listing orders

.. code-block:: bash

   $ humblec list-bundles


* ``--content``: display the content of each bundle,
* ``--files``  : display the individual files associated to each game.

Listing games

.. code-block:: bash

   $ humblec list-games


* ``--files``: display the individual files associated to each game.

This command is slower than the previous one since it requires to
download the complete games list before displaying it in order to
display once games which have been purchased multiple times.

Downloading games

.. code-block:: bash

   $ humblec download

Only the files which are not filtered out by the filters (see
Filtering_) will be downloaded.

To precisely select what to download or to override the filters given in
the configuration file, the following command line flags are available:

* ``--bundles BUNDLE [BUNDLE ...]``: download only the given bundles,
* ``--games GAME [GAME ...]``: download only the given games,
* ``--platforms PLATFORM [PLATFORM ...]``: download only files for the given platforms,
* ``--files FILE [FILE ...]``: download only files corresponding to the
  given codenames.

Be careful that other filters are still applied: for example, if you
select a particular file with ``--files`` but the platform of this file
is filtered out, nothing will be downloaded, you also need to override
the platform with ``--platforms``.

Other options:

* ``--directory DIRECTORY`` or ``-d DIRECTORY``: download files to this
  directory instead of the one in the configuration file,

* ``--dry-run`` or ``-n``: do not download anything, just display
  download commands.


The configuration goes to ``~/.config/humbleclient/config.yml`` (or

To begin to download files, you just need to enter your login details in
the ``account`` section:

.. code-block:: yaml

     password: xxxxxxxx

You can also add key of bundles which are not claimed by your account
using (you can mix account and keys, all bundles will be processed):

.. code-block:: yaml


Files will go the directory ``~/Humble`` or any directory of your

.. code-block:: yaml

   directory: ~/Humble

Advanced users may customize the format used to display list of games
and orders and to generate the destination directories of download files
(see Formatting_).

Some filters allow to select more precisely the files which will be
downloaded (see Filtering_).


The default values are the following:

.. code-block:: yaml

   keys: []
   directory: ~/Humble
     bundles: []
     # bundles:
     #   - hib8 # I do not like games from the Humble Indie Bundle 8
     platforms: []
     # platforms:
     #   - mac # I do not have a mac
     games: []
     files: []
     download: "{game_name}/{filename}"
     file:     "- {title} ({platform}, {human_size}, {name}, {filename})"
     game:     "- {title} ({name}, {url})"
     order:    "* {title} ({name}, {url})"


There are 4 filters available:

* ``bundles``
* ``platforms``
* ``games``
* ``files``

Each filter expects a list of code names which can be found using
``list-orders`` or ``list-games``.


Output format can be customized using the ``format`` section of the
configuration file. There are 4 different format string, which accept
different variables:

* ``order``

  * ``key``: Key of the bundle
  * ``title``: Title of the bundle
  * ``name``: Code name of the bundle
  * ``url``: URL of the bundle

* ``game``

  * ``name``: Code name of the game
  * ``title``: Human name of the game
  * ``icon``: URL of an icon
  * ``url``: URL of the game
  * ``editor``: Editor of the game

* ``file`` and ``download``

  * ``game_name``: Code name of the game
  * ``game_title``: Human name of the game
  * ``game_editor``: Human name of the editor
  * ``platform``: Platform
  * ``name``: Code name of the file
  * ``title``: Human name of the download (often not really interesting,
    like "Download")
  * ``size``: Size of the file
  * ``human_size``: Human size of the file
  * ``sha1``: SHA1 hash of the file (if available)
  * ``md5``: MD5 hash of the file (if available)
  * ``url``: Download url
  * ``torrent``: Torrent url (if available)
  * ``filename``: Filename


* Version 0.1.3:
* Darcs repository:

Bugs and comments

Please submit bug reports on the `issues tracker`_.

.. _issues tracker:


Humble is free software, released under the term of the GPLv3+.

Copyright 2014-2015 Olivier Schwander <>