amforth words for the AD9851 DDS



support for AD9851 DDS under amforth

The AD9851

The AD9851

This device could be used for direct digital synthesis of an RF signal from an AVR.


I connected all jumpers except the one closest to the LED.

Pro-Mini       AD9851
GND        --- GND
digital.11 --- D7
digital.10 --- W_CLK
digital.9  --- FQ_UD
digital.12 --- RESET
3.3v       --- Vcc

BusPirate      AD9851
ADC        --- OUT
GND        --- GND


Examples are coming soon..

+ad9851      \ enable ad9851.
ad9851-sine  \ Generate a sine wave.
-ad9851      \ Turn it off.

I'm using a Bus Pirate as an oscilloscope. Real oscilloscopes are expensive!


  • A compiling word for creating new 40-bit update cells to send to the AD9851.
  • A word that calculates the 4-byte frequency tuning cell given Hz.
  • Port my Teensy 3.1 Simple-MSK modulator to this as an example.
  • Maybe some other modulation schemes as well..


amforth-ad985x is licensed under GPLv3 like amforth.


I am Andreas Wagner and my email address is

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