how to configure a darcs repo with an RSS patch feed (fork of simon's darcs-feed-config)


A little script and know-how for configuring a darcs repo to generate an
up-to-date feed of recently applied patches. This was created originally
by someone else who I've temporarily forgotten. --SM

To install:

- install xsltproc if you don't have it
- add posthooks like those in defaults to your repo's _darcs/prefs/defaults file
  (if you have no such file, just copy defaults to your repo's _darcs/prefs/)
- add the rule and vars in Makefile to a makefile in your repo's top directory

If you prefer not to use a makefile or script, you can replace each "make
rss" in _darcs/prefs/defaults with the equivalent command. If you prefer
not to configure posthooks, you could run "make rss" periodically with
cron. If you prefer not to have rss.{xsl,xml} in your repo and history,
you can move them into _darcs.

To test:

- change your repo's recent patch history, by doing a record, apply, pull, or obliterate
- verify that the rss.xml file was generated
- validate it, eg by visiting