fun-size crypto nybles and bytes..for small systems


forth-crypt | fun-size crypto nybles and bytes..for small systems & IoT

djb2.4th - simple hash function using addition.

djb2a.4th - simple hash function using XOR.

expmod.4th - modular exponentiation word.

rsa.4th - RSA asymmetric cryptography.

rsa-ds.4th - An RSA Digital signature.

xorshift.4th - random number generator.

zkp.4th - interactive Zero-Knowledge Proof using Discrete Logarithm method.


  • A nicer **mod word, using Montgomery Multiplication.

  • Use arbitrary precision arithmetic. Possibly with recognizers or just by switching to vocabulary with words of the same name.

  • Identity-based crypto and attribute-based crypto using pairing cryptography.

  • drop-in object capability security -- facilitated by depended types. Sealed storage: cryptographically bind information and execution semantics to the hardware and software state. Thus, execution semantics only works in specific configurations.


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