psoc switch coordinate to register & bit mappings in tabular format for easy parsing and analysis (fork of pointfree's psoc-tabular)


psoc-tabular | psoc switching in tabular format for easier parsing & analysis

HV - Horizontal-to-Vertical

hvb and hva are sorted by vertical wire (col). These are the fields:

col row bit back_reg forw_reg

HC - Horizontal Channel

hc connect to the UDB block: PLD0 input, PLD0 output, PLD1 output, PLD1 input, datapath, status, control, and clocking/reset.

col row direction bit reg

d means forw/back n means the hc switch is below a UDB output

HS - Horizontal Segmentation

hs traverse to another UDB pair horizontally. They are situated between the left and right hv blocks of a pair.

row bit back_reg forw_reg

VS - Vertical Segmentation

vs traverse to another routing pair vertically. They are situated above and below the HV blocks in an interlocking pattern with respect to Pair B's and Pair A's.

col b/a top/bot bit back_reg forw_reg

pair - Pair Routing

Routing pairs follow a checkerboard pattern starting with b in the top left corner. This is important for selecting hva or hvb.

col row b/a reg

pi-udb - Port Interfacing between Horizontal Channel and UDB's

col u/l bit reg name bit reg name ...

You will notice two registers for each IT. The +0x80 register is for U1 UDB's and the other is for U0 UDB's.


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