darcs support for vim (http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=1683)


vim-darcs | darcs support for vim


:DarcsVertDiffsplit This mapping vertically diffsplit's the current window with the last recorded version.

Default map: <leader>dkv

:DarcsInteractiveDiff This mapping displays the changes for the current file. The user can then choose two revisions from the list using the 'f' (from) and 't' (to) keys. After choosing two revisions, the user can press 'g' at which point, the delta between those two revisions is displayed in two veritcally diffsplit'ted windows.

Default map: <leader>dki

:DarcsStartCommitSession This mapping starts an interactive commit console using which the user can choose which hunks to include in the record and then also write out a patch name and commit message.

Default map: <leader>dkc


Copy darcs.vim into your ~/.vim/plugin directory.