Support for Spring framework development in Scala


Spring Scala

The goal of Spring Scala is to make it easier to use the Spring framework in Scala.

Currently, the two main areas of focus are:

  • Wiring up Scala classes as Spring Beans, both in traditional XML as well as Scala
  • Provide Scala-friendly wrappers for the Spring templates

For more information, please refer to the spring-scala JIRA site, or e-mail Paul Snively.


spring-scala snapshots and releases are publishes to the Sonatype snapshot and release repositories. As of this writing (August 2015), the following versions of Spring are supported:

  • Spring 3.2.10
  • Spring 3.2.14
  • Spring 4.0.9
  • Spring 4.1.7
  • Spring 4.2.0

All artifacts are cross-published for Scala 2.10.x and 2.11.x, and digitally signed by Paul Snively, fingerprint 3002 0815 C339 E64E 9698 698A 2FB0 1967 4C7B 02B4.

An example sbt dependency:

libraryDependencies += "org.psnively" %% "spring_scala_3-2-10" % "1.0.0"

adds a dependency on spring-scala version 1.0.0 built with Spring 3.2.10 for whatever the project's scalaVersion is.

Building from Source

Spring Scala uses a sbt-based build system. In the instructions below, sbt is assumed to be on your $PATH. The only prerequisites are darcs and JDK 1.7+.

check out sources

darcs clone

compile and test, build all jars, distribution zips and docs

sbt ';so test ;much package' # Thanks to sbt-doge for cross-building across subprojects!

install all spring-* jars into your local Ivy cache

sbt 'very publish-local'

... and discover more commands with sbt tasks. See also the sbt FAQ.


The Pivotal spring-scala wiki has not been migrated and is unlikely to be, so please add your questions/issues to the issue tracker.

Issue Tracking

Spring Scala uses JIRA for issue tracking purposes


Spring Scala is Apache 2.0 licensed.