hikari wayland compositor (https://hikari.acmelabs.space)

#11Feature request: support wlr-output-management-unstable-v1 protocol

I'm interested in adopting Wayland, and hikari seems to most closely match my usual X11 workflow. The problem is that hikari does not seem to support arbitrary display scaling or dynamic display rearrangement provided by the wlr-output-management-unstable-v1 wlroots protocol. The ability to adopt a scale of 1.5 on a 3840x2160 display would provide a more usable virtual size of 2560x1440 with smooth, high-resolution graphics.

Alternatively, do you have plans to support arbitrary display scaling by some other means?

  • Scaling is surely a planned feature but it's just not implemented yet. Implementing the protocol itself does not solve the problem though. The renderer needs to take care of of scaling and there need to be some other thing that also need to be adjusted. Currently there is no code that deals with scaling though. It's not a trivial change, but it's on the bucket list.

  • One way to work around this (at least for GTK3 applications) is to set GDK_DPI_SCALE in the environment.

  • Unfortunately just using GTK3 applications is not a good solution. Is there any progress supporting either scaling outputs or adding custom modes for lower resolutions?