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#14hikari-2.2.0 - views disappear from external display

Precondition: unplug+plug external display, move at least one view to any of its sheets from the main display

  1. open a view (e.g., sakura) on main display
  2. move to external display with mode-enter-sheet-assign + tab + enter
  3. view-snap-down

Result: view disappears, can't be raised back and must be killed

Other notes: - It appears that any view-snap-* will cause this - Another side effect is that new views can't be created on secondary display

Workaround: unplug+plug external display, create a random view in it; now you can move views from main display and snap them anywhere

    • status set to closed

    Appears fixed in 2.2.1

  • Sadly, this wasn't closed... still an issue (at least in 2.2.1), and it happens only occasionally when docking laptop (in my case Thinkpad X230) - the external screen appears to have wrong dimensions, so views disappear and layouts cannot be initialised properly. It is hard to reproduce, but I'll try to gather more information when I get a chance to actually test with hardware. Will leave it open in the meantime in case somebody else has the same problem and can contribute further.

    • status set to open