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#23Problem with 3D games camera

In games, that uses mouse for looking and running through XWayland (I doesn't know any 3D game that uses wayland), it's completely unplayable. Camera has: very unstable sensitivity (sometimes camera rotates slowly, but another times it's going crazy) some kind of momentum (moving mouse to one direction, then another, but camera continues rotating to first direction some time, or rotating only in one direction on axis in certain games) Tested games (problem occurs in every): Half-Life 2, Portal 2, Antichamber (looks like camera locked in 2 directions), Firewatch (same with Antichamber), Scrap Mechanic (cannot even leave the title screen) System: Arch Linux. Games: Steam (running through SDL_VIDEODRIVER=x11 steam-native; running steam runtime doesn't very helpful) This probably will be helpful: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1NGQ_fy6s4JfDDEAqE4SYWW7bSd5SPi90?usp=sharing

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    Noticed the same. In one game there was still a mouse pointer displayed. And with that visible I could see, the pointer only moved along the border of the window, which explains the weird behaviour.

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    What the...? Dunno how I achieved this, but it wasn't planned to remove the tags...