hikari wayland compositor (https://hikari.acmelabs.space)

#25Provide an option to disable xwayland in the configuration file?

Hello, I am using this project as an alternative to cwm under wayland, but I did not find an option to disable xwayland in the configuration file and the option to disable xwayland when compiling does not seem to take effect.

  • May I also propose to allow configuration of the location of the Xwayland binary, on the back of this issue?

    I just ran into a case where I needed to switch between distro Xwayland and a custom one a couple of times to compare the behaviour.

  • The best option you have is to compile hikari without Xwayland support (which is what I do) simply by omitting the WITH_XWAYLAND flag.

    To use a different XWayland binary you can just modify your path and prioritize the path that contains your binary. It's what I did before FreeBSD added xwayland-devel to ports.

  • Actually, you can use the WLR_XWAYLAND environment variable (provided by wlroots) for both purposes.

    If you set this to some path that does not exist, you effectively disable Xwayland.