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#28"running as root is prohibited" - I'm not root?

I had some issues with seatd, but those issues go away if I start it manually. However, the one thing that doesn't go away is a message that "running as root is prohibited" even though I'm launching it as a regular user and not root. Any idea what this could be?

FreeBSD13RC2 hikari-2.2.2

Sway gives a similar error 00:00:00.119 [sway/main.c:201] Unable to drop root (we shouldn't be able to restore it after setuid), refusing to start

Is it something to do with my user name class?


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  • ryan appears to be in the wheel group with id 0 instead of being in their own group 1001. hikari and sway both try to drop to a non-privileged group but can't do this. Set up the user so it resided in the proper group for that user. You can still add them to the wheel group but that should not be the user's gid.

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    Well I couldn't get it to run even with another user that was in their own group, maybe something to do with fbsd13-kmod, in any case I've given up on this so closing the issue.

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    Sorry to comment into a closed issue, but something does seem worng.

    I get the same message on FreeBSD 3, my user is in his own group but then added to video and wheel and I still get this message

    miguelc@pc5:~ % cat /etc/passwd | grep miguelc
    miguelc:*:1002:1002:Miguel C.:/home/miguelc:/bin/csh
    miguelc@pc5:~ % cat /etc/group | grep miguelc
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