Runtime Haskell interpreter (fork of jcpetruzza's hint)


=== Description ===

This library defines an Interpreter monad. It allows to load Haskell
modules, browse them, type-check and evaluate strings with Haskell
expressions and even coerce them into values. The library is
thread-safe and type-safe (even the coercion of expressions to

It is, esentially, a huge subset of the GHC API wrapped in a simpler

=== Documentation ===

The library cames with haddock documentation you can build
(see above). Also, check examples/example.hs to see a simple but
comprehensive example (it must be run from the examples
directory, since it expects to find the SomeModule.hs file
located there).

=== Contact  ===

Bug-reports, questions, suggestions and patches are all welcome.

To get a copy of the darcs repository:

darcs get

If you report an issue, please send me an email as well, since
otherwise I get no notifications...