CGI interface for Darcs written in C (


dcgi - CGI interface for Darcs

An attempt at a CGI web interface for the Darcs VCS, written in C
and leveraging OpenBSD's security practices.


The general requirements are SQLite 3, `libexpat`, `lowdown`, `kcgi` and `sqlbox` and Darcs.
On Linux systems you're also going to need `libbsd` as it's used to provide most BSD-only functions.

On OpenBSD you can install all dependencies by running the following command:

	# pkg_add darcs lowdown kcgi sqlbox sqlite3 darcs

The program can be built by invoking `make`, which will output the binaries `dcgi` and `dcgictl`.
The `make` target `installwww` can be used to install the CGI binary to its correspondent directory, usually

The program's configuration file directory is hardcoded on build, and can be changed from its predefined location
by setting the environment variable DCGI_CONF_ROOT to your desired directory (with a trailing slash)