snobol assignment for cs410w


I'm taking CS410w Programming Languages at We have an assignment to do in SNOBOL

CS 410 SNOBOL Programming Assignment Due October 9

Write a complete SNOBOL program which will perform the following:
  1. Read from an input file called SNO.IN (once) and echo print with an added line number to an output file called SNO.OUT. Also, display the numbered lines on the screen as well.

  2. Recognize words defined as containing alphabetic, hyphen, and possibly a period.

  3. Create an index of words along with the line numbers in which they appear.

  4. Count and print the number of abbreviations: Mr., Dr., Mrs. and Ms. appear in the file.

  5. Count and print out the number of words containing a hyphen.

  6. Count and print out the number of words which begin with double vowels.

  7. Count and print out the number of sentences. Sentences are defined as sequences of words followed by either a period (With the exception of the previously listed abbreviations), an exclamation point or a question mark..