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#126process issues offline with darcs

I am long dreaming of a darcs-based issue tracker where I can fetch all issues locally to my machine and manipulate them there. There were already approaches like DisTract and http://fossil-scm.org/. I think a darcsit/gitit with some additional filter functions and a command-line tool for opening and closing issues would be enough and could be also used for a project Wiki. I had no time so far to write it myself, but I like to place the idea here for the record.

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  • So I was thinking about the simplest way to do the offline issue tracker and how distributed dvcs based issue trackers such as bugseverywhere are so appealing because the issue state is tied to the source code and repository state.

    Can anyone think of any pitfalls to essentially inserting FIXMEs throughout the repo files and scraping them to the issue tracker on push? This would be an easy way to bind issues to darcs records and vice-versa. We could even do something like "annotate" for issues.

    Someone could also add some darcs cli sugar if desired.

    I guess issue contents other than issue "title" and issue "tags" would have to go somewhere other than inline with the source code (?)