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#191Some non-ASCII characters in filenames are handled incorrectly

Hello! It seems like darcsden handles some Unicode characters in filenames incorrectly. Darcs itself seems to handle them fine, so I’m assuming the issue doesn’t stem from there. I made a repository to reproduce this issue:


When I try to open the file ‘jhaudo.txt’ by clicking on it in darcsden’s browser, it works fine, but when I try to open ‘ĵaŭdo.txt’, it directs me to ‘5amdo.txt’ instead (which doesn’t exist in the repository). Likewise, when I click the button to ‘download .zip’, the file ‘ĵaŭdo.txt’ is renamed to ‘ĵaÅ­do.txt’ in the archive.

  • Thanks for the report, and I'm sorry for the bug. I don't have time to investigate just now, if someone else would like to, I will support. (The #darcs chat can be helpful.)