A tiny and fun GLUT-based bullet hell shooter (this is the code.haskell.org repo converted to darcs-2 format) (http://hackage.haskell.org/package/Shu-thing)


      Shu-thing for Windows(OpenGL)

            presented by Hideyuki Tanaka & Takayuki Muranushi

**  How to Install

  Extract shu-thing.zip
  Then execute shu-thing.exe
  To play Shu-thing, you need OpenGL installed
  into your computer.

**  Operation

  - move arrow keys
  - shot z
  - exit q; you can also click for a menu

**  Rules

  Control the Hypermonadic space fighter Dodecahedron,
  avoid showering bullets, exterminate enemy forces,
  and destroy the great enemy carrier that awaits you
  at the end of the stage. You are the last hope of survival
  of human race.

  You are equipped with the forcefield that can endure
  3 bullets. You lose your ship if shot after the forcefield
  ran out of power. Be careful because you got nothing like
  invincibilities, remains, or bombers. Hence you immediately
  die if you charge into a cloud of bullets, while this
  operation will save your ship with only 1 point of damage
  in many other games.

  Only enemy bullets, not enemy bodies, are harming.

**  Special Thanks

  Shu-thing is written in Haskell, compiled by Glasgow Haskell Compiler 6.4
    The Haskell Home Page
    The Glasgow Haskell Compiler

  uses OpenGL for drawing.