JSON library


SLJSON - "Suckless" JSON

Other C JSON libraries

 - prefer no callbacks
 - would like more refined approach to bignums than "raw string"
 - prefer FILE interface over dynamically allocated buffers
 - don't care about non-C99 portability or robustness beyond not crashing
 - otherwise pretty similar
js0n - object structure parser only
LibU - part of some other project? weird cruft
json-c - way too overcomplicated; no documentation
json-parser/builder - no bignums; comments??
jsonsl - no Unicode; terrible abuse of enums; callbacks
WjElement - wtf is a "XplBool"?
M's JSON parser - completely undocumented; WIP?
cJSON - weird "OO"-like interface; no bignums
Jansson - reference counts??
jsmn - doesn't interpret escapes?? wth??
cson - wayyyy overcomplicated
parson - parser only
ujson4c - parser only
nxjson - parses comments = not JSON; also parser only
frozen - doesn't parse values; weird generator
microjson - limited parser only, but interesting