Dynamic linking for Haskell and C objects



Compiler and tool support for compiling and loading, and evaluating
Haskell at runtime. 

The library provides a convenient interface to GHC's runtime loader
and linker, letting you load compiled Haskell code. 

It also provides a `make' system for compiling plugin source
automagically and for combining the user's .hs file with a stub of
standard declarations and syntax, saving the user from having to write
standard code themselves.

It provides an `eval' function, for generating new, well-typed, compiled
code from a Haskell source string.

It also provides a new variation of printf for Haskell-- a runtime
generated, dynamically-typed printf.

Read the documentation in doc/ for more.


        $ chmod +x Setup.lhs configure
        $ ./Setup.lhs configure --prefix=/usr/local
        $ ./Setup.lhs build
        $ ./Setup.lhs install



* Requires GHC >= 6.4
* Requires Cabal


* Optional:
   If you are doing a lot of `merge'-related operations, and require
   an extended haskell parser, you can compile hs-plugins to use 
   HSX, Niklas Broberg's Haskell parser library, available at:

    darcs get http://www.cs.chalmers.se/~d00nibro/haskell-src-exts

   To get hs-plugins to use HSX, use: 

        $ mv plugins.cabal.hsx plugins.cabal
        $ ./Setup.lhs configure --enable-hsx

   Make sure to install HSX first though :)


* On cygwin/windows you (a) make sure the cygwin "find" is before the
  windows "find" on your PATH, and (b) to give the windows-style path
  (e.g., "c:/cygwin/usr/local") in the ./configure --prefix=foo/bar

* 'plugs' requires a working readline library.

* If you wish to use TH in plugins, or to run load()-programs in GHCi,
  you require a patch to GHC's linker, that was committed into ghc
  6.3, and ghc 6.2 -stable branch, and is available from 6.2.2 onwards.

* If you need to regenerate ./configure you need >= autoreconf-2.53

* The documentation relies on haddock, latex, dvips, tex2page:

        $ cd doc && make



Have a look in the testsuite/ directory for many examples of how to
arrange your code.


This library is distributed under the terms of the LGPL. The runtime
loader code is based on code written by Andr´┐Ż Pang, and others, and is
distributed under the BSD-style Glasgow University license.


Requires GHC 6.4 or greater, though most testing has be done on 6.4.
The dynamic loader requires a functional GHCi implementation.

  Platform           |  Works   Should work*    Unknown    Won't work
i386-*-linux         |    X
i386-*-freebsd       |    X
i386-*-openbsd       |    X           
powerpc-apple-darwin |    X            
powerpc-*-linux      |    X            
sparc-*-solaris2     |    X            
ia64-*-linux         |    #
i386-*-solaris2      |                X
sparc-*-linux        |                X
sparc-*-openbsd      |                X
i386-*-netbsd        |                              X 
amd64-*-openbsd      |                              X
mips64-sgi-irix      |                                         X

# .hi file parsing is currently broken