Eye-pleasing disk usage reporting utility. (fork of zabbal's discus)


Discus is a program to display hard drive space usage, much like the
standard UN*X command df.  
Discus aims to make df(1) prettier. Features include color, bar graphs, and
smart formatting of numbers (automatically choosing the most suitable size
from kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes, or terabytes). Or choose your own
size, along with specifying the number of decimal places you'd like to see.

To configure Discus on a system-wide basis, edit the /etc/discus.conf file. 
But you should probably change things just for yourself, by copying
/etc/discus.conf to ~/.config/discus and editing it.

The name Discus was chosen by original author because of the similarity to "disk use".

Newest versions of Discus (alongside with bug tracker) may be found at:

The original discus seems to be abandoned, use deprecated module and lack in both
features and code clarity at some places. Hence this re-write which greatly modernized
and simplified code.

N. B: the configuration file format and location is deliberately incompatible with
original discus, however command-line options and default program look should be similar.