A HTTP reverse proxy (http://www.harphttp.org)


Harp is an HTTP reverse proxy choosing between different configurations based
on the IP address of the client. It can be used to implement simple A/B testing.

This README contains a summary of what is to know to start. For more information
about this program, please read the documentation.

# Installation

This should be enough to compile and install the project on most systems:

$ cd /tmp
$ tar xzf /path/to/harp-VERSION.tar.gz
$ cd harp-VERSION
$ ./configure
$ make
$ sudo make install

# Configuration

To see an example, have a look at example.conf at the root of the project.

# Documentation

The documentation is available on the website (http://www.harphttp.org/) but you
can also read it offline:

`make install` installs the documentation on your system. You can access it by
running `info harp`.

If harp is not installed, you can still generate it with one of the following
commands. The output file will be in doc/.

make info
make html
make dvi
make ps

# License and contribution

The project is licensed under the BSD3 license. You can see it in COPYING in the
root directory.

Contributions are most welcome and you can get more information about it in the