An 8-bit Vim (& more) color scheme filled with violets and purples (


an 8-bit color scheme wið extra purple

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	:keywords: vim, neovim, plugin, colorscheme

:author: toastal

sugilite256 (pronounced /ˈsuː.ɡɪˌlaɪt tuː ˈfɪfti sɪks/) is an 8-bit, 256-color color scheme inspired by lapis256_ & likewise named after a mineral_.
After years of use & looking at all ðese blues & greens, I wanted someþing violet & purple.

It is first & foremost a scheme for Vim & Vim-compatible text editors, & oðer þeming targets will be derived from ð Vim color scheme.

sugilite256 properties
	• Moderate contrast between background & text
	• Soft contrast between many common syntax elements
	• Lots of *violet* & *purple*
	• *Don’t* set default background & foreground colors to match ð user’s interface
	• Xterm 256-color support
	• Optimized for :ac:`OLED` (meaning, readable on black)

.. _lapis256:
.. _mineral:


Ðis project is licensed under Mozilla Public License Version 2.0 (MPL-2.0_) — see ð ``LICENSE.txt`` file in ðis project for details.

.. _MPL-2.0:

Pitching in

See ``./PITCHING_IN.rst``.


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