Build Status

ac is a modernized, faster version of cat. Forked from the mycat.dats example shipped with ats-anairiats.

The Pitch

Yes, it's really faster than cat. ac also can strip ANSI escape codes.


Tool Language/Compiler Target Time
ac ATS shake.hs 781.7 μs
cat C (gcc) shake.hs 954.9 μs
hcat Haskell (ghc) shake.hs 1.468 ms

ac is also the fastest way to strip ANSI escape codes from program output.

The Anti-Pitch

Missing features and less support. Binaries are currently only available for x86_64 Linux.


ats-cat uses shake as its build system. I recommend installing nix, in which case you can install stack (for the build system) and atscc (the ATS compiler) with the following:

 $ nix-env -i cabal-install
 $ nix-env -i atscc

At this point, you can build with:

 $ ./shake.hs


Manpages for ac are available with each release. You can also install them with the build system. ac also has tldr available.