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move back strings from Darcs.UI.Message.Send to Darcs.UI.Commands.Send

ghFri Feb 9 17:12:18 UTC 2018

resolve issue2559: remove trailing empty lines in patch header edition

ghSat Feb 10 00:05:38 UTC 2018

Include the weak hash in the output of --exact-version

gpieroWed Dec 20 13:29:55 UTC 2017

no longer show conflicting files on whatsnew -s

rollback of 585efe389622886c8de70c26100676ed336e2eb7 until we find a way to make this work with an acceptable performance

ghTue Dec 19 17:40:29 UTC 2017

resolve issue2564: delete wrong and irrelevant propConcatPS

ghThu Feb 15 19:06:57 UTC 2018

no longer use -fno-warn-dodgy-imports and fix dodgy imports

ghFri Feb 9 19:09:27 UTC 2018

we no longer have redundant constraints warning to silence

ghFri Feb 9 18:53:11 UTC 2018

fixed tests/disable.sh: filter out descriptions from --list-options

bfMon Oct 16 07:10:52 UTC 2017

bash completion: ignore everything after (including) semicolon

In bash there is no way to display help for an option along with the option itself, so the best we can do is to ignore the help text.

bfMon Oct 16 06:28:25 UTC 2017

improve file completion

  • add modifiedFileArgs and use it for amend, record, revert, whatsnew
  • rebase log doesn't currently support file arguments so use noArgs
  • list only files that are not yet given as command line arguments
  • use readUnrecordedFiltered from D.R.State which is more efficient since it can use the index
bfTue Aug 15 23:34:27 UTC 2017

print "optionname;description" pairs with --list-options

As discussed on the mailing list, this allows shell completion to display the descriptions alongside the options when chosing from a menu. For shells that do not support this, the completion script should just drop everything from the semicolon up to the end of the line.

bfSat Apr 22 00:21:47 UTC 2017

further improvements of zsh completion script

  • split --list-options output on line ending, rather than any white space
  • use _describe to display options together with help text, converting the first ';' to a ':'
  • added comments to explain the zsh expansion fu
bfSat Apr 22 00:27:07 UTC 2017

remove pre-cabal flag DISABLE_TESTING part 2

ghWed Jan 24 13:19:16 UTC 2018

remove pre-cabal flag DISABLE_TESTING

ghMon Jan 22 13:52:15 UTC 2018

remove useless RepoPatch class restrictions in D.P.Bundle

ghSun Jan 21 21:15:24 UTC 2018

remove redundant Rank2Types extension

ghSun Jan 21 21:15:11 UTC 2018

suppress warning: add other-modules: Version to executable in darcs.cabal

ghThu Dec 21 14:06:36 UTC 2017

suppress simplificable class constraints warnings in harness

ghThu Dec 21 13:46:40 UTC 2017

remove useless or redundant LANGUAGE pragmas

ghThu Dec 21 13:36:54 UTC 2017

remove outdated CPP conditionals on GHC version

ghTue Dec 19 19:11:43 UTC 2017

require GHC 8

ghTue Dec 19 19:11:22 UTC 2017

require QuickCheck 2.8.2

ghTue Dec 19 19:09:03 UTC 2017

require zlib

ghTue Dec 19 19:06:38 UTC 2017

streamline display of remote repos from --not-in-remote options

bfMon Oct 16 17:32:52 UTC 2017

add --not-in-remote option to unrecord command

bfMon Oct 16 16:46:06 UTC 2017

rebase tests: no longer expect rebase status from stdout

bfMon Oct 16 07:11:49 UTC 2017

use fancyPrinters in putVerbose and putInfo

These are for user display, so we want coloring if available. For instance, rebase suspend -v now shows conflicting hunks colored.

bfThu Aug 17 08:02:11 UTC 2017

rebase fix: suppress --verbose when adding the rebase patch

Otherwise tentativelyAddPatch will show the rebase patch when we run with --verbose.

bfFri Aug 18 09:13:05 UTC 2017

rebase suspend: don't display hint to use --verbose when already in effect

bfThu Aug 17 08:08:38 UTC 2017

rebase suspend: use red text when verbosely displaying conflicting hunks

bfThu Aug 17 08:06:13 UTC 2017