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Darcs is a distributed version control system written in Haskell.


To build and install the latest release, use

cabal update && cabal install darcs

with a recent cabal (version 3.2 or later is recommended). Any version of ghc from 8.2 up to 9.4 should work.

From inside a clone or a source dist, use

> cabal build

Cabal will tell you where the resulting darcs binary is. If you'd rather use cabal install and you are in a clone (not a source dist), you first have to generate the version info, like this:

> runghc release/gen-version-info.hs
> cabal install

Building/installing with stack used to work with a few tweaks, but is no longer officially supported due to lack of manpower. If this inconveniences you, consider contributing patches to maintain our stack.yaml.


Running the test-suite is optional, of course, but useful if you want to help find bugs or before you contribute patches. The easiest and most flexible way to do this is

> cabal configure --enable-tests
> cabal run darcs-test -- [options for darcs-test, try --help]


To clone a repository via HTTP and send patches by mail:

> darcs clone --lazy http://darcs.net
> # edit files...
> darcs add my_new_file
> darcs record -m "my changes"
> darcs send

To clone via SSH and push patches:

> darcs clone user@hub.darcs.net:user/repo
> # edit files...
> darcs add my_new_file
> darcs record -m "my changes"
> darcs push

To create a project and start working:

> darcs init my_project
> cd my_project
> # create and edit files...
> darcs add my_new_file
> darcs record -m "initial version"

Pull new patches from upstream:

> darcs pull


Concise and up-to-date documentation is available from darcs itself:

> darcs help # list all commands
> darcs help command # help for specific command
> darcs command --help # dito

The complete documentation is available as a man page which can be generated using

darcs help manpage > darcs.1

Reporting bugs

Please send bug reports to bugs@darcs.net. This will automatically add your report to the bug tracker. If you are unsure or just have a question or a comment, you can subscribe to darcs-users@darcs.net and post your question or comments there. See http://darcs.net/MailingLists for details.

There is also an IRC channel named #darcs on freenode.net, where you can report problems or ask questions.


We are happy to receive patches and will try our best to review them in a timely fashion. Just record your patches in a clone of http://darcs.net/screened and darcs send them. You are encouraged, but not required, to look at http://darcs.net/Development/GettingStarted for additional information.

BTW, the wiki is a darcs repo, you can clone it with:

> darcs clone --lazy http://darcs.net/darcs-wiki

to edit the contents and send us patches.