emacs interface for darcs (fork of simon's darcsum)  (http://joyful.com/darcsum)


darcsum is an emacs add-on providing a more efficient user interface for the darcs revision control system, in the style of pcl-cvs or magit. It's great for reviewing and selectively recording pending changes.

This is a considerably fixed/updated version of the version described below, and not all the links are now valid. This version is from Darcs hub.

The current release is 1.3 (release notes). You can install it from MELPA using M-x list-packages in emacs, or you can get it from darcs hub: darcs get http://hub.darcs.net/simon/darcsum --tag 1.3

Or, omit the --tag option to get the latest development version (code, changes).

For support, ask on #darcs or darcs-users.

Here are some darcsum-related blog posts. The project needs help and a more active maintainer; contact Simon Michael (sm).

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