emacs interface for darcs (fork of simon's darcsum)  (http://joyful.com/darcsum)


darcsum is an emacs add-on providing a more efficient user interface for the darcs revision control system, in the style of pcl-cvs or magit. It's great for reviewing and selectively recording pending changes.

The current release is 1.3 (release notes). You can install it from MELPA using M-x list-packages in emacs, or you can get it from darcs hub: darcs get http://hub.darcs.net/simon/darcsum --tag 1.3

Or, omit the --tag option to get the latest development version (code, changes).

For support, ask on #darcs or darcs-users.

Here are some darcsum-related blog posts. The project needs help and a more active maintainer; contact Simon Michael (sm).

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