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Welcome to, aka Darcs hub !

Darcs is a version control system, broadly similar to Git, Mercurial and others, but with a simpler conceptual model that many people find less costly to learn and use. If you don't have a lot of time to spend learning your VCS, Darcs may be a good choice.

Darcs hub aims to

  1. provide reliable and usable public hosting/collaboration for Darcs repositories (like and, but better)
  2. accelerate the development of Darcs and related tools (through increased visibility, dogfooding and automation).

Darcs hub is not yet perfectly robust, but it's quite suitable for daily work, and it is a safe place to store your code. It is backed up regularly, but of course you would be wise to also keep your own copies of important data.

Quick links:
How use it, how to help, about: FAQ
Report problems: issue tracker, #darcs IRC channel, or email
The project roadmap and planning board
The code is 100% open source, so you can contribute and make this site better.

In lieu of fancy stats, we have some featured repos:
Agda, darcsden, darcs-screened, divine-mainline, dnplayer, ghc-old, globalscript, hackage-server, happstack, hledger-old,, and more...